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Silicon Beach Properties is not just another real estate shop.

Founded by attorney & real estate web tech entrepreneur, Tracy Thrower Conyers, Silicon Beach Properties takes more from its namesake, Silicon Beach, than it does from traditional real estate models.

Silicon Beach Properties is a dynamic, fast growing “start up” serving the tech community and other professionals interested in buying and selling real estate up and down the beaches of Los Angeles and adjacent communities. We utilize co-working space, run a paperless office, leverage tech and market properties for sale on the digital cutting edge. Innovation runs in our blood and gets us out of bed in the morning.

We intentionally keep our team small, which means when you join our team, you get an opportunity to see all parts of our business in action. If you embrace innovation and new ways to practice real estate, we have a place for you on our team. 

Unlike most other real estate agencies in Los Angeles, we provide leads, training in cutting edge real estate skills/tools and generous incentive-based compensation. We want our team members to be happy and prosperous. Our business plan depends on it. You bring the drive, ambition and desire to work as a team member, and together we all succeed.

The skills outlined below apply to all members of our team. Do they describe you?

• You are self-motivated and enjoy taking ownership of projects within your assigned scope
• You work independently and feel comfortable doing things, even when no one is telling you exactly what to do
• You can execute with flexibility and speed
• You enjoy being part of a small team and understand your own critical role, as well as how to support other team members to make our organization successful
• You understand and thrive in the speed, chaos and vibrancy of a start-up environment
• You are solution-oriented and enjoy figuring out how to make things happen
• You have a track record of maintaining great relationships (even better if you can evidence this with your social media accounts)
• You are already knowledgeable about digital and social media, but are excited to dive in and learn as those environments continue to innovate
• You are comfortable working and communicating with a team both on-site and remotely, using cloud-based tools
• You view the delivery of real estate services as a strategic challenge, always looking for the highest and best outcome for the client (or, if coming from outside our industry), you are willing to embrace this challenge
• You take a keen interest in what our competitors are doing and discussing pro’s and con’s of the same
• You are comfortable working in a cloud-based working environment, including experience with Google Drive and its products

We are actively seeking to fill the roles below at this time (contact us for others):

Silicon Beach Properties Listing Manager

• Oversee all aspects of seller side transactions up to opening escrow
• Prepare listing materials, including pre-listing presentations, listing agreements, seller disclosures, CMAs, MLS research, obtain tax profiles
• Work closely with Listing Agent Specialist to ensure successful listing presentations
• Consult and coordinate with seller(s) regarding property photography/ videography, staging, repairs, pre-inspections, cleaning, signage and marketing
• Obtain all pre-listing signatures from client(s)
• Coordinate showings & provide feedback to seller(s)
• Compile analytics on property interest and showings and create weekly briefings for seller(s) and team management
• Coordinate open house events, including social media marketing of the same
• Input listing information into the MLS and update; oversee syndication of the listing
• Submit all pre-contract documentation for file compliance
• Update client relationship management database as pre-contract events dictate
• Open file in transaction management database

Silicon Beach Properties Transaction Coordinator

• Oversee all aspects of buyer and seller transactions from the opening of escrow through the close of escrow
• Coordinate title, escrow, lender and appraisal processes, keeping the responsible agent(s) on our team constantly updated
• Coordinate inspections, support negotiations regarding repairs and coordinate completion of repairs
• Update, maintain and record escrow-related communications with clients, agents, title officer, escrow officer, lender and any other parties related to escrow
• Submit all necessary documentation to transaction database to ensure file compliance under applicable rules
• Coordinate moving and possession schedules
• Update client relationship management database with all events and communications
• Schedule and execute 30-, 90- and 120-day client communications following close of escrow to assist with questions or concerns, ask for referrals and onboard buyers with home warranty information

Silicon Beach Properties Marketing Director

• Manage our client relationship management database, including making sure all team members are inputting assigned tasks

• Stay on top of new developments in social media and other digital marketing, and regularly brief team management on trends and new ideas to implement
• Stay on top of new social media and digital marketing tools and regularly brief team management on tools to add/drop from SBp’s marketing workflows
• Coordinate preparation of all print materials, including property flyers, signage and postcards
• Read and curate content of interest to our clients and potential clients and share with the team and CRM database
• Manage and update website content, blogs and social media content
• Track, input (if necessary) and coordinate inbound leads, including analyzing ROI
• Track, coordinate and make recommendations on lead nurturing sequences and workflows
• Recommend, implement and coordinate client and vendor appreciation events
• Work with other team members to obtain client testimonials and launch the same across all relevant platforms
• Coordinate and implement marketing and property videos
• Identify, pitch and execute other marketing opportunities in our farm area
Silicon Beach Properties Administrative Manager

• Oversee all administrative aspects for the team, including confirming that all team members are performing assigned tasks
• Manage all systems for client relationship building and management, lead generation, lead follow-up, and recommend changes as warranted
• Manage all financial systems, generate P&L’s and anything else required to update team management regarding the team’s financial health, coordinate outside financial vendors and pay bills
• Recommend and coordinate addition of office equipment and other business-related supplies and materials
• Maintain our business operations manual
• Manage the recruiting, hiring and onboarding of new hires
• Manage team lead generation activities and monitor ROI of different segments
• Support sales agents and other team members to make sure their activities are limited to their defined job scopes

Silicon Beach Properties Inside Sales Agent (“ISA”)

• We are currently seeking to add both inbound and outbound ISA’s to our team

• Inbound Agents respond to, nurture and develop inquiries flowing in from team-generated marketing initiatives
• Outbound agents prospect FSBO’s, expired listings and other cold call-oriented geo farm-based initiatives\

Silicon Beach Properties Buyer Agent Specialist (“BAS”)

• Work closely with ISA’s to ensure successful outcomes for all leads provided to the BAS by ISA’s

• Ensure client(s) are pre-qualified with a mortgage lender that can successfully support the transaction and make introductions to our partners, as appropriate
• Help client(s) define what a successful outcome looks like for him/her/them, and collaboratively create and execute a strategy to attain that outcome
• Gather and provide local community information for target geo area
• Identify properties that meet client needs and show the same
• Help client(s) refine criteria, as needed
• Educate client(s) about buying process, as needed
• Provide pricing information and market research as requested by buyer(s) and/or to support offers
• Write and negotiate offers and counter-offers
• Attend all on-site inspections during escrow
• Negotiate inspection repairs during escrow
• Record all activities in our client relationship manager database in a timely manner and provide weekly updates to team management
• Work closely with our Transaction Coordinator to submit escrow documentation to our transaction management database in a timely manner
• Regularly view all available properties in an assigned geo-farm area and create social media briefings for the same
• Create geo-specific and buyer process content for our website and social media, as requested by team management and in collaboration with the Marketing Manager

Silicon Beach Properties Seller Agent Specialist (“SAS”)

• Work with Listing Manager to prepare listing packages and conduct successful listing presentations
• Create a property-specific marketing plan in collaboration with the Listing Manager
• Develop a pricing strategy for the property
• Educate seller(s) about the pricing and repricing process, as well as the general state of the market
• Educate seller(s) about the selling process
• Summarize offers and presents pros and cons of each to seller(s)
• Negotiate counter-offers
• Work closely with the Listing Manager to get properties into escrow and then with the Transaction Coordinator to close escrow
• Record all activities in our client relationship management database in a timely manner and provide weekly updates to team management
• Create geo-specific and seller process content for our website and social media, as requested by team management and in collaboration with the Marketing Manager
To apply for any of the positions above or inquire about others, please email join @ For job applicants, please include a cover letter and resume, as well as a list of social media accounts. “Join Team” or “Team Inquiry” should be in the subject line of all inquiries and applications.


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