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Attention Silicon Beach Investors!

Have you heard? The influx of tech and new media talent is driving rents through the roof in Silicon Beach and its surrounding communities. Here's your chance to own a piece of the Silicon Beach real estate action and let somebody else pay your mortgage!

Driving the activity are the high salaries paid by tech companies in the area, generally in the $150,000 to $350,000 range. While many of these employees are candidates to own homes, many are relocating from other areas because our tech ecosystem is so young. These relocating workers and executives will pay top dollar for a nice place to land for a year while they learn about our community. Bonus! They are generally too busy working to throw parties and otherwise trash your property.

Whether your interest is to own Silicon Beach multi-family properties or single-family properties to rent out, Tracy Thrower Conyers and her team at Silicon Beach Properties have their collective finger on the pulse of Silicon Beach’s neighborhoods and we know where and why renters will pay the highest rents.

Tracy is a former practicing attorney and very comfortable discussing 1031 exchanges, tenant in common (TIC) investments, real estate investment trusts, exchange intermediaries, and investor financing. She is also familiar with strategies and rules for using your IRA or 401(k) to buy real estate. 

If you’re selling investment property in Silicon Beach, Tracy can help you evaluate a wide range of creative offers and can market your property publicly or confidentially.

Additionally, Tracy keeps tabs on the ever evolving Short Term Rental (“STR”) ordinances.

Once you buy your Silicon Beach investment property, Tracy and her team can help you with leasing services and finding a reliable property manager.

Or maybe house flipping in Silicon Beach is more your idea of investing. Tracy networks extensively and is aware of a multitude of off-market opportunities in Silicon Beach and the South Bay. Schedule time on her calendar to chat.

How do we know that Silicon Beach will continue to be a “thing?” As Investor’s Business Daily noted not that long ago, Silicon Beach has matured and now shows evidence of having the four core ingredients that established Silicon Valley:

  1. A solid base of serial entrepreneurs willing to mentor up and comers
  2. A hub where entrepreneurs can gather to exchange ideas, inspire each other and find talent
  3. Support of local universities (hello! LMU has started calling itself “University of Silicon Beach” and opened a Playa Vista campus a stone’s throw from its main campus)
  4. Venture capital. Silicon Beach doesn’t have a Sand Hill Road (yet!) but as a region, our VC funding is second only to Silicon Valley

Silicon Beach will remain a great place to buy and sell real estate for the foreseeable future.

Contact us if you have specific investing criteria and we'll send you a more tailored list. We can also get you set up to receive notifications when properties meeting your criteria hit the MLS.

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