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When It Comes To Selling Properties In Silicon Beach, Digital Matters!

And nobody understands how to leverage digital better than we do at Silicon Beach Properties.

1. The web. Every digital campaign needs a homebase on the web and that is the first thing we set up for you. Your property’s personal web page shares all relevant details and tells a compelling story about your property. With its own unique URL, the page will be highly shareable and optimized for major exposure to the search engines. We will track traffic to this page and report activity to you weekly so that you’ll always know you have maximum eyes on your property.

2. The story. People fall in love with stories! Through a combination of words, professional photos, videography and drone footage, we will tell a story that compels people to investigate more. More eyeballs is more buzz and more buzz is more interest. More interest means more offers.

3. Spreading the word. The highest and best offer for your Silicon Beach property comes from exposing it to the most people. We are experts in knowing where Silicon Beach real estate buyers hang out and how to put your property in front of them. Some of our favorite strategies include:

• Sharing your property with our vast network of colleagues

• Sharing your property with our large database of pre-qualified Silicon Beach real estate buyers

• Utilizing our unparalleled experience targeting the right facebook audiences with compelling ads designed to drive eyeballs to your property’s web page

• Sharing your property on social media to create buzz and interest - we know where Silicon Beach hangs out on social and that is where you’ll find your property!

• Syndicating your listing through KW’s extensive network of partner websites

• Uploading video of your property to YouTube and other digital search engines

• Your property is of course uploaded to the #1 real estate search engine - the MLS and syndicated across the globe

4. Count the money! Plain and simple, the more qualified people looking at your property, the more competition. The more competition, the better the offers. At Silicon Beach Properties, we maintain a singular focus on getting your property in front of as many people as possible. We work very hard constantly to educate ourselves on the newest and most innovative ways to share your property with qualified buyers.

Ready To List Your Silicon Beach Property?

Here’s what it looks like to work with Silicon Beach Properties:

  1. Defining a Win. First, we meet to talk about your objectives. The highest price isn’t everybody’s objective. If you need to sell quick to get to the next chapter of your life, speed might be the primary objective. We’ll share our ideas for meeting your objectives based on our expert knowledge of the Silicon Beach market and Silicon Beach real estate buyers.
  2. The Details. We’ll agree on a price, complete documentation, discuss property improvements and staging, schedule an inspector for a pre-sale inspection and we’ll get the photography and videography scheduled.
  3. Launching the Campaign. While the property is being prepared for its big debut, we’ll be putting the finishing touches on all the digital marketing collateral, including the property’s storyboard, unique web page, social media announcements, and MLS posting.
  4. Go Time! Once the property launches, we will be closely monitoring all the analytics and preparing weekly reports for you, If needed, we will discuss tweaks needed to adapt to changes in the marketplace. We will coordinate showings and accompany all potential buyers who tour your Silicon Beach property. We will set a date certain for offers and help you analyze and strategically respond.
  5. Escrow. The closing process can be confusing and daunting. We’re with you every step of the way, explaining why the escrow company is asking you to sign certain documents. We will also closely monitor buyers through the inspection process and manage expectations regarding repair allowances. We also stay on top of the lender to make sure we don't get any late stage surprises.
  6. Starting Your Next Chapter. Whether your next steps include buying or leasing more Silicon Beach real estate or leaving our area, we want to be there to cheer you on and support. Oh, and send champagne, too! 



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