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Silicon Beach Real Estate Transaction Flow

Seller Side

Below is the general flow of a Silicon Beach real estate transaction. We will walk you through each of these steps at the outset and discuss any possible deviations from the norm that we see coming up with your unique property.

We present you a market analysis, a listing price is established and the Listing Agreement is signed →

Optional "coming soon" campaign is initiated for your property →

Your property is placed in the MLS, we start marketing your property and we host open house events & other showings →

Purchase offers received and presented to Seller →

Counter offer(s) are negotiated and Buyer is selected →

Escrow opens with dates defined in the contract →

Seller provides property-related disclosures →

Inspections facilitated as requested within contingency period →

Possible negotiations around repairs and other contingencies →

Title report is generated →

Buyer contingencies removed (time to empty the property!) →

Final walk through by Buyer to confirm condition hasn't changed during escrow →

Loan/Purchase Price funded to escrow & escrow closes with title recorded

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