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Silicon Beach Buyer Tips

8 Easy Steps to Buying Property in Silicon Beach

When you work with Silicon Beach Properties, you are 8 easy steps away from owning your next Silicon Beach home:

1. Come meet us and let’s talk strategy!

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2. Button up with a lender

We can’t start making offers until we have you pre-qualified with a lender, if you need a loan to buy your Silicon Beach property. And not all lenders are created equal. Depending on what your goals and needs are, we will make suggestions about what to look for in your Silicon Beach lender. PRO TIP: some lenders are really good with short escrows and can make you almost as competitive as a cash buyer. Some lenders have attractive programs with smaller down payment requirements. If you already have a lender relationship for your Silicon Beach property purchase, we’ll talk to you about how they can support your objectives. Don’t worry if you don’t yet have a lender relationship! We know lots and are happy to make introductions.

3. Start shopping!

We will start sending you listings that support the objectives we talked about in our first meeting. We know that you’ll be looking at lots of other sources for Silicon Beach properties, too! We will collaborate to identify properties that meet your needs, and along the way, we will tweak your criteria as needed.

4. Tour properties!

We love introducing clients to the varied communities of Silicon Beach - Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista and El Segundo, as well as the commutable adjacent communities of Culver City, Mar Vista, Westchester, Inglewood and NE Hawthorne. We’ll set up tours at your convenience, or we will preview properties for you and report back at your request. If you’re not local, let us take you on a Facetime tour!

5. Get your offer accepted on a Silicon Beach property!

As we tour properties, we will remind you regularly how properties meet your criteria (or not!) defined at our first meeting and refined along the way. When we identify properties that meet your objectives, we will work with you to submit offers. There are lots of moving parts when you have more than one offer out. We are very disciplined about tracking dates and obligations. We’ll explain every step of the process and advise on strategies to get you the best property on the best terms.

6. Escrow in Silicon Beach!

Once your offer gets accepted, escrow opens and the paperwork starts to fly! It’s also time to get the property appraised and inspected. We are with you at every step. Your lender will hire the appraiser, but we will meet the appraiser at the property and will not hesitate to produce better comps and other evidence of value if the appraisal comes back too low. An inspection of the property is very important, too. A good general inspector will come out right away and produce a report in a day or two that lets you know whether you need additional specialty reports, such as for wood destroying pests, foundation, soils or chimneys, to name a few. Depending on what your inspection reports turn up, asking the seller to remediate an issue might be in order. We will explain the in’s and out’s of various strategies and negotiate the most beneficial outcome for you possible.

need to sell first

7. Honey, I’m home!

Once all the details of escrow are resolved (and there are lots!), it’s time to get your keys and meet your new home. We will have toured the property with you just prior to the close of escrow, but once it’s yours, you’ll look at it with new eyes.

8. Celebrate!

The boxes are unpacked and the furniture is arranged. It’s time to have your friends and family over to toast your new Silicon Beach home. Just let us know when to send the champagne!

Home Buying Explained in 1:52 Minutes

The video below explains the steps and costs associated with closing an escrow for Silicon Beach real estate, including mortgage financing fees, title search, title insurance and closing fees.

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