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Selling Real Estate In Silicon Beach

What Is Important To You?

The first thing we do when we meet our selling clients is ask them how they define a win for their situation. And we ask a lot of questions.

Why? Because we want to completely understand your needs and what you need for a successful sale.

Not every seller has the same goal. Some value a high price, while some have special timing needs. Different strategies apply to different needs.

We don't assume we know what is a win for you and we pride ourselves on our ability to keep a singular focus on what our sellers want to achieve.

What Are The Costs Associated With Selling A Silicon Beach Property?

Different situations have different associated costs. Here are a few that might apply to your situation here in Silicon Beach:

  • Brokerage commissions
  • Transfer fees (city & county)
  • Payoff for existing loans, including pre-payment penalties, if any


Contact us today to prepare a custom net sheet to estimate your likely proceeds from the sale of your Silicon Beach property

How A Silicon Beach Real Estate Sale Rolls Out

The Flow of A Real Estate Transaction - Seller Side

  • We present a market analysis, a listing price is established and the Listing Agreement is signed >>
  • An optional "coming soon" campaign is initiated for your property >>
  • Your property is placed in the MLS, we start marketing your property and we host open house events & other showings >>


Successfully Pricing Your Property For Sale

Pricing your property to attract the widest audience of potential buyers is our #1 goal, taking into consideration any special situational goals you might have (timing your sale, making your sale contingent on your next purchase, etc.).

A Comparative Market Analysis ("CMA") is an in-depth evaluation of similar, recently sold properties in the same geo area as your property (called comparables or comps). A CMA helps establish a target price at which to list.

Comps are instructive, but the final listing price is also carefully evaluated against your selling goals and desired outcomes. Contact us now to get started!

Want a quick peek into your property's likely value? Click the photo below.

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